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Anju  안주

food consumed with alcohol; drinking snacks

Banchan  반찬

small side dish

Bulgogi  불고기

“fire meat” or marinated grilled beef, thinly sliced



cho(GOchu)jang  (고추)

(cho-gochu-jong)  sweet and spicy red chili pepper sauce made with vinegar and sugar

daeji kalbi

grilled pork spare ribs


mild flavor, white winter radish

doenjang  된장

(den-jong)  fermented bean paste with a strong deep flavor, not to be confused with miso

galbi / KALBI  갈비

marinated beef short ribs

ganjang  간장

(gan-jong)  soy sauce, of Korea

geonbae  건배

(gun-beh)  “empty glass” – a toast, or cheers!

gochujang 고추장

(go-chu-jong)   fermented red chili pepper paste

Gogigui  고기구이

(go-gee-goo-ee)  “meat roast” or Korean barbecue

Japchae  잡채

stir fried glass noodles, made from sweet potato starch, with sautéed vegetables, served hot or cold

Kakigori  [Japanese kanji: かき氷]

Japanese shaved ice dessert, smooth and fluffy like fresh fallen snow

Kimchi  김치

salted and fermented vegetables, such as napa cabbage or radish, spiced with chiles

Kombu  다시마 / [japanese kanji: 昆布]

edible dried kelp, used for flavoring and adding richness to stocks and other dishes

Makgeolli  막걸리

(MAHK-oh-lee)  popular rice wine, off-white, milky and slightly sparkling, often unpasteurized

mochi  [japanese kanji: ]

Japanese rice cake dessert usually sweetened with sugar

noraebang  노래방

(nu-rae-bong)  “song room” or karaoke

Pajeon  파전

scallion pancake


a member of the mint family, commonly used as wraps (grassier than shiso with an anise flavor)

pojangmacha  포장마차, or pocha  포차

“covered wagon” – a casual place to eat and drink, a tented street food stall

samgyeopsal  삼겹살

(sam-yip-sal)  grilled pork belly, thick sliced

shochu  [Japanese kanji: 焼酎]

Japanese spirit typically distilled from sweet potato, barley or rice (see: Soju)

soju  소주

“burned liquor” – clear, grain-distilled spirit that originated in Korea with a neutral flavor, commonly 20-34% ABV


“wrapped” – leafy vegetable used to wrap a piece of meat, usually bite sized

ssamjang  쌈장

a thick, spicy paste used with food wrapped in a leaf in Korean Barbecue

sujeo  수저

set of eating utensils commonly used in Korean cuisine, derived from –

sutgarak  숟가락:  long-handled, shallow spoon

jeotgarak  젓가락:  chopsticks

wagyu  [Japanese kanji: 和牛]

“Japanese cow” – any of the four Japanese breeds of beef cattle, Japanese Black, Polled, Brown and Shorthorn

yakiniku  焼き肉 or 焼肉

grilled meat


brand name yogurt probiotic drink typically served at the end of meals to aid in digestion

Yukhoe  육회

“raw meat” or a soy-marinated beef tartare, typically served iced cold

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