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Our Cobra BBQ tables utilize smokeless Shinpo Yakiniku grills that allow our menu of all wagyu marinated and unmarinated beef, porkseafood and seasonal produce to grill quickly and evenly to perfection.
If your desired reservation time is unavailable, our Anju menu is offered throughout our lounge, bar and private karaoke rooms. All seating is available on a first come, first serve basis. The Anju menu includes snacks, skewers and family style portions.
Space is limited during this time. Each reservation will be given a specific amount of time based on party size – please respect the allotted duration of your reservation so that all guests following may also enjoy their allocated window. Thank you.
There is a mandatory sanitation period in between each reservation slot to ensure your health and safety.

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4305 Main St
Pittsburgh PA 15224


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5pm – 10pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday


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